Sunday, July 21, 2019

Let's Fight to Free the Afro-American Nation by Pearl Haines (FIRST APPEARED IN ROL, USA #115)

First Appeared in in ROL, USA Newsletter #115: July-August 2019



Walk Together by Charles White

The notion that Afro-Americans have to dress a certain way, go to college, get a job, don’t have babies until marriage and stay clear of the law as part of a gradual process of gaining the respect due to us by the Caucasian majority of the U.S. is pushed by liberals. When Senator Bernie Sanders, the center left star, is questioned by Afro-Americans about why he deserves our vote and about his solution to white supremacy at the cruel heart of this settler nation, his main answer is “the black community needs jobs.” Bill Cosby famously espoused this idea in his “Pound Cake” speech of 2005.

We need to push back against the pushers of  “respectability politics” in order to get rid of our own tunnel vision. Sandra Bland, Philando Castile and Botham Jean (just to name a few) weren’t “thugs.” All three were “law-abiding citizens” with steady jobs who still lost their lives to domestic U.S. imperialism. This is evidence that the trite advice of  “pull up your pants stay in school and don’t break the law” isn’t the way that white supremacy will be eliminated. This shaming mantra only serves to put the onus of making Afro-Americans into fully-realized citizens on the oppressed people themselves.

In reality, the death of white supremacy can only be achieved through the liberation of the Afro-American homeland located in the Black Belt South and full reparations.

Land and State Power in the Black Belt South!

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