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On Thursday, April 7, U.S. President Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles onto an airfield in the sovereign state of Syria. It was an unprovoked act of war by the U.S. Empire's still new commander in chief. Trump's attack on Syria was a sudden reversal of his oft-stated policy. In 2013, when Obama was in his shoes and looked like he was going to defy Congress if he had to, in order to unleash a U.S. war on the same Syrian Regime, citizen Trump had opposed Obama and agreed with the Founding Fathers that it would constitute an unconstitutional act, a criminal act. Thus far his only explanation for this change is that Trump, whose whole personal history shows a single-minded  pursuit of his own selfish interests, was suddenly moved by photos of Syrian children allegedly being harmed and destroyed in Syria, the children he wouldn't let come here as refugees.

Don't forget that Trump had rejected the unanimous “findings” of all U.S. intelligence agencies on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election just a month or two ago. So, both the U.S. President and the U.S. Intelligence Community have made clear that neither of these major props of the U.S. Empire lets the facts stand in their way. In fact, Trump's “humanitarian” justification, Assad's alleged poison gas attack on Syrian children (“Fake News?”/ “Fake Media?”), smacks of the “justifications” for the U.S. invasion of Iraq--- Saddam's phantom WMD (“weapons of mass destruction”) and wild and false allegations of Saddam's Iraqi troops throwing infants out of incubators in Kuwait. The almost universal media acceptance of Trump's poison gas propaganda hearkens all the way back to the U.S. War in Vietnam, where the U.S.-fabricated “Tonkin Gulf Incident” was used to mobilize the U.S. population to support the initial invasion and the barbaric U.S. role that was immortalized with the U.S. policy on “strategic hamlets;” namely, “We have to destroy the village to save the village.”

Moreover, Trump's missile attack on Syria was carried out without a declaration of war by the U.S. Congress or any prior deliberation by Congress. It was, therefore, a blatantly unconstitutional act since the Framers at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, in Article I, were not willing to put such awesome and destructive power in the hands of one individual (they had just overthrown the King of England) and clearly assigned this grave responsibility to the least undemocratic branch of the federal government.

In less than a hundred days in office, Trump has already revealed unprecedented hostility to the courts that blocked his Muslim travel ban twice. He's shown unprecedented hostility to his own Republican Congress that was unable/unwilling to pass his “repeal & replacement” of Romneycare (i.e., the Obama-led current healthcare system), for now, making it almost a certainty that there will be no Trump Tax bill providing huge tax breaks for the wealthy that was planned to follow the multi-billion dollar bonanza that TrumpCare was to realize from the disappearance of healthcare for millions of  the 99% of us. And, finally, he's displayed unprecedented hostility to the media (Trump has declared them “an enemy of the American People”) after they exposed some of the Trump Regime's most obvious lies and broken promises, from the size of the crowd at his inauguration to his failure to prosecute “crooked Hillary” Clinton, to the perjury under oath of Attorney General Sessions and forced resignation of National Security Adviser (General) Mike Flynn, as they were being vetted by Congressional committees for their top level Trump Administration appointments.

So, if there really were two distinct political parties operating in the U.S. Congress, Trump's criminal invasion of Syria would have been met with strong opposition, especially in light of the Trump Regime's continual efforts to intimidate the courts, the Congress, the intelligence services and the media. For his hand can only be strengthened by becoming a “war president, using war powers.” Such a war posture could indeed become Trump's “Reichstag Fire” false flag operation. (In early 1933, Hitler's storm troopers set fire to the Reichstag, the parliament, blamed the Communists, and rode the hysteria to absolute power by the summer of 1933.)

Despite the Democratic Party's demonization of Trump over these past months, and in spite of the very real domestic fascist as well as international dangers posed by the emergence of this new war president, the two current leaders of the Democratic Party, Senate minority leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), both loyal representatives of Wall Street imperialism, late on the very same day of Trump's missile attack, offered Trump their support! Mainstream Republican “critics” of Trump, including Elliot Abrams, neo-cons such as William Cristol, major media pundits such as CNBC's Jake Novak and print and TV media star Fareed Zakaria all embraced Trump as suddenly “presidential.”

While, in our view, Assad is a reactionary misleader of the Syrian working class and masses, his political future should be in their hands. Yet, even those on the “left” end of the U.S. imperialist spectrum, such as Bernie Sanders and Noam Chomsky, have joined the chorus of condemnation of Assad as “the worst dictator.” According to them, too, the U.S. Empire is perfectly justified in driving Assad out of his country. (Obama, the previous helmsman of the U.S. Empire, treated Kadafi in Libya similarly.) Disagreeing only tactically with Trump, both Sanders and Chomsky are criminally silent on the main culprits in the brutal and bloody disintegration of the sovereign state of Syria over the six year “civil war,” the Saudi Arabian-led sheikdoms of the Middle East, sponsoring a proxy war by Islamic fundamentalists, including ISIS, all propped up by U.S. imperialism. Thus, even though Sanders mildly “protests” that Trump should have come to Congress before waging war in Syria and warns of an unending war scenario for the U.S. in the Middle East,  Sanders and Chomsky are both helping to strengthen Trump's war presidency and his march to fascism in the USA.

Finally, after being hidden away from the U.S. public for the past five months since the election, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, incredibly reappeared hours before Trump's war crime against Syria. Even more incredible, she seemed to “go public” in order to give Trump the very specific direction to try to destroy the Syrian air force, the very course Trump then followed! Was Clinton's public statement what Trump demanded from Wall Street before he would undertake this action?!

In 2013, Obama and Clinton tried to launch a U.S. / British war on Assad and Syria. The British Parliament and the U.S. people, including many “red state” supporters, successfully blocked the event. And Vladimir Putin of all people saved Obama from a major political defeat when he convinced Assad to turn over his stores of poison gas, etc. But the military strategy of Wall Street imperialism remained as follows: to remove the Assad Regime from Syria so that Iran, the main regional competitor for Saudi Arabia (and U.S. imperialism) in the oil-rich Middle East, would be vulnerable to be bombed, invaded and defeated by the Israeli settler regime in combination with U.S. imperialism. This would have the effect of pushing Russian influence back out of the Middle East and leaving the U.S. Empire once again in a position to dictate to much of the rest of the world.

In the days since Trump's attack on Syria, his leading general in Afghanistan dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb (“MOAB”), allegedly on ISIS forces, near the border with Pakistan. This seems to be aimed at intimidating Russia with regard to both Afghanistan and Syria.

Likewise, it is no accident that on April 6. Trump was having his first face to face meeting in Florida with the leader of the Chinese government, President Xi Jinping. No doubt the sudden U.S. missile attack in Syria was also an attempt to intimidate the Chinese leadership: to back away from any support of the North Korean government, allowing U.S. imperialism to bully or even bomb North Korea. Such intimidation of President Xi and the Chinese leadership could also give the ignorant and brutal Trump Regime of the U.S. Empire in decline much needed leverage in dealing with the superior Chinese strategic economic and political position along with its expanding military power.

Clearly, the Evil Empire we need to worry about today is the United States Evil Empire. Dominated by Wall Street finance capital and still represented politically by the “Republicrats,” the mainstream Democratic and Republican party forces have now embraced the Trump Regime as it has embarked on the bloody course of imperialist war outlined by Clinton and Wall Street, at least for now. And this is the road to fascism in the USA and ongoing terror against the international working class and oppressed peoples everywhere.

In the Unconquerable Spirit of MAY DAY---
Workers of the USA and the World and Oppressed Peoples Unite!
Down with the Clinton-backed Trump Regime and the U.S. Empire!

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  1. If ever the truth were spoken, this article has just spoken it. There's 2 things these parties have in common - 1) the expansion of the American empire, and 2) the creation of the police state in America.


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