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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wall Street Remains in Firm Control of the Democrat National Committee (NEWSLETTER #101)

No answer to Trump!

 Wall Street Remains in Firm Control of the
Democratic National Committee
Ray Light
On Saturday, February 25, all illusions that the national Democratic Party had any independence from the Wall Street finance capitalist rulers of the USA were smashed on the rocks of reality. Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the outstanding Afro-American campaigner for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic Party primary season, was defeated “in a close election” for Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair.

The “winner” was Tom Perez, who had served in a top post in Obama’s Justice Department and then as Obama’s Secretary of Labor. Perez had entered the DNC Chair race after it became clear that the relatively militant Ellison, one of the few in the entire U.S. Congress with some positive principles, had emerged as the candidate to beat. With the backing of Wall Street’s Democratic leadership, from Obama, Biden, Valerie Jarrett, etc. what other “support” did Perez receive on his way to victory?

First, was the late appearance and early departure of a “mystery candidate,” South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigeig, the emerging dark horse candidate, who announced in his nominating speech that he was exiting the race before the voting process even began. In this era of identity politics, Buttigeig, a gay politician from the Midwest (and a former Naval intelligence officer), obviously had been selected to draw votes from Ellison, an Afro-American politician from the Midwest. In the interim, the imperialist magazine, The Economist (2-25-17), mouthpiece of British (and U.S.) finance capital, actually had endorsed Buttigeig, against Ellison.

Second, on the prior Thursday, Jaime Harrison, South Carolina Democratic Party chair, had quit the DNC Chair race and threw his support to Perez.

Third, the second round of votes needed for the Perez’ victory featured the withdrawal of the other five candidates. Between the first and second votes, there also seems to have been some “confusion” (sabotage?) around whether the mysterious Buttigeig had thrown his support to Ellison, resulting in Ellison issuing an apology for the error in that critical time period.

Fourth, Donna Brazile, interim DNC Chair since the abrupt departure of Wasserman-Schultz, announced that the plan to use an electronic voting system was being scrapped, allegedly because of slow convention center Wi-Fi. Ellison supporters exposed that this change from the top would mean that their candidate would not be able to view, in accordance with party bylaws, the names of potentially persuadable members after the first ballot.

Fifth, late Friday, Henry Munoz, the DNC’s chief fundraiser, running unopposed for re-election as Finance Chairman, gave his last-minute endorsement of Perez after remaining neutral throughout the four month race.
Sixth, probably the dirtiest move in support of Perez was the Friday afternoon email from the American Jewish Congress (AJC) asserting that the election of the Muslim Ellison, “could threaten the relationship between America and our ally Israel.” Especially in light of the epidemic of chauvinistic attacks on synagogues and Jewish Community Centers, as well as anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women and other such attacks in the weeks since the Trump election victory, this chauvinistic action of the American Jewish Congress in support of Perez and Wall Street (and Trump!) exposes how Zionist forces before during and after the Nazi terror of the second World War period provided support for the Hitlerite fascists. To his great credit, former Communication Workers of America (CWA) union President Larry Cohen, the board chair for Our Revolution, a progressive group spawned by the Sanders’ primary campaign, condemned the AJC message as “a disgrace” and called out Tom Perez for his failure to repudiate the letter.


Of course, the conduct of the Wall Street Democrats, led by Obama’s team, in the DNC Chair election, is reminiscent of the rigged Democratic Primary season that produced the vile Wall Street Clinton candidacy and the subsequent rout of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election.

Thanks to Wikileaks, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, there had been a thoroughly documented exposure of the DNC’s role in promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy over Bernie Sanders. Because of this exposure, then DNC Chair, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, abruptly resigned and withdrew from her expected prominent role in the Democratic Convention! (Shamelessly, and evidently having the confidence that Sanders would not press the DNC rigging issue, the Clinton campaign immediately hired her.) That resignation became an important part of the Clinton/Wall Street strategy that turned the focus away from the rigged character of the Democratic nomination and into a renewed “cold war” attack on Russia and Republican candidate Trump.*

*Of course, the U.S. Empire has, over the past twenty-five years, brazenly interfered in a number of Russian elections; for example, infamously and successfully supporting the out of control, pro-capitalist Boris Yeltsin, against Gennady Zyuganov, chief of the so-called Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF).

Any Democrat that was a self-respecting democrat, would have been determined to root out the DNC corruption so that the people could nominate the real candidate of their choice. And, indeed, following the Democratic Convention, those small “d” democrats could not wholeheartedly and in good conscience, actively campaign for the candidate produced by the rigged primary season. This is one major reason why, despite the fact that Clinton was endorsed by virtually every big circulation newspaper in the USA and by the entire Democratic Party leadership, including both Obamas, etc, etc, and that Trump was openly opposed by most of the Republican Party bigwigs, Trump was able to win the electoral college vote.

The other main reason, as I wrote in the leaflet we passed out at the Democratic National Convention, was the following: “The outstanding feature of the 2016 Presidential Primary has been the voters’ angry rejection of Wall Street’s Republican and Democratic candidates, ‘the Republicrats.’ ... Clinton, the Democrat, is the absolute worst candidate to support ‘against Trump.’ As a loyal tool of Wall Street, Clinton will not educate the voters against the financial oligarchy, but will apologize and cover up for Wall Street. Coupled with her Democratic Party rhetoric, this will only enrage the voters all the more, moving them further into the Trump camp. It was precisely Sanders’ focus on the rigged Wall Street economy and politics that allowed his candidacy to thrive against all odds. With Sanders out of the race the same old ‘Republicrat’ rhetoric will provide new fuel to the Trump fire.” (Emphasis in original, Wall Street Has Rigged the System!, June 2016)

Trump won because of his angry dismissal of almost all the major politicians in the two main monopoly capitalist parties as tools of the rich and in spite of his nasty attitude and language, revealing his open hostility and disrespect toward women, immigrants, Muslims, Afro-Americans, Latinos and other marginalized people. In this light it is clear that Sanders was the one candidate who could have beaten him because Sanders also angrily denounced Wall Street and the rich but with substantive documentation and concrete political program in contrast to Trump’s bold and erratic talk.


Conclusion: The Democratic Party, along with the mainstream
Republican Party, together have made up the political rule of Wall Street imperialism over these decades of U.S. imperialist hegemony and the U.S. Empire. Sadly, Keith Ellison has been unwilling to break with the U.S. Empire. He has, instead, followed in the footsteps of Bernie Sanders in failing to lead his more principled forces out of the Democratic Party and into unity with the U.S. multinational working class, the international working class and the oppressed peoples of the world.

Karl Marx profoundly observed concerning some great historical events, “the first time it appears as tragedy and the second as farce.” More common folk wisdom says: “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!”


In our Democratic National Convention leaflet we pointed out, “U.S. Fascism has significantly advanced on the shoulders of every U.S. president at least from Reagan to Bush I to Clinton to Bush II to Obama.”

The first forty days of the Trump Regime has put flesh and bone on the reality that Trump is a fascist politician. And Trump’s open fascism is a worthy opponent for every decent force in U.S. society to oppose. The tremendous amount of street activism that has greeted this regime is necessary and a welcome change from the paralysis under the bloody and vicious Obama Democratic Party Regime.

We Have to Fight the Powers that Be! 

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